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The IDEP Media team has been creating community educational media and high-impact public awareness campaigns since 1999.

Originally a department at IDEP Foundation, since 2011 IDEP Media has operated under its own entity producing high-impact media campaigns for key issues, primarily in Indonesia.

We are a small grass-roots and creative independent publisher and media production team that works in partnership with many curriculum development, media design and production specialists to support the public education needs on key issues and topics.

Our team creates high-impact multi-media tools to affect behavioral change on key environmental and social issues. The IDEP Media team is also passionate about community education and empowerment and we develop non-formal curriculums, training tools and public campaigns that facilitate social change. We also teach media skills to local communities, grass root organizations and NGOs, empowering them to be able to be independant campaigners.

We also offer media production services as a means to support ongoing work at IDEP Foundation, if you have a project in mind, Alamat email ini dilindungi dari robot spam. Anda memerlukan Javascript yang aktif untuk melihatnya. to discuss your education goals!

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